Emily Dawn  |  Designer x Owner  ::  Future Dawn Designs

Emily Dawn  |  Designer x Owner  ::  Future Dawn Designs

Since 2015, Emily Dawn, designer and owner of Future Dawn Designs, has been hand making one of a kind coin and crystal jewelry with the intention of bringing healing energy to the people of this planet. This year, she has expanded this intention by stepping into her business full time and pursuing #vanlife while she's at it! She designs all of her pieces from her tiny home on wheels "Lucy In The Sky," and uses her solar panels to power a drill inside the van, that she then hand-drills her crystals and coins with. This means that the elements of her designs are fueled by the energy of the sun, that she collects as she drives from each gorgeous destination to the next!

Her design philosophy is that each person should have a style as unique as themselves.

We are all stars in an infinite galaxy of diversity we call "human beings" and as such we should have fashions that reflect that truth.


Future Dawn Designs jewelry is 100% handmade and one-of-a-kind! Many designs are intended to be worn in a variety of ways, making them stylish, versatile, and practical fashions for festivals and groovy street wear! 

Future Dawn Designs also has a new exciting element for festival goers looking for faux fur fashions to rock on the dance floor: VINTAGE CLOTHES!! That's right, alongside her handmade healing jewelry, Emily Dawn now offers a section of her brand she calls "Future Dawn Found." She was inspired by the fact that people seemed to always ask her where she got that shirt.. or that awesome vintage coat! She finally decided to start custom shopping for vintage pieces that would fit many different humans in many different walks of life. She loved the idea of being able to shop for pieces, and then coming face to face with the customers who will falll in love with each individual item and made it their own. 

"The clothes that I purchase are 100% recycled vintage clothing. This means that they were once loved, and then forgotten until they've become "Future Dawn Found." I strive to find timeless pieces that are festival inspired but can truly be worn for any setting or occasion. Many of which were made in the USA, and made during a time when quality was honored over quantity. They are strong, lightly worn, high quality vintage fashions that are as fashionable today, if not more so, than when they were made. I also try whenever possible to include as many vegan material items as I can find"

Future Dawn Designs is all about style, meets practicality, meets versatility.


"Many of my designs are made with the intention of being able to be worn as several different looks. For example, my design "Cowgirl In The Sand" is a 3-in-one crystal Head Dress // Belt // AND necklace! I created this out of recycled and ethically sourced vegan fair trade materials, with the concept of minimalism in mind! I know that some people travel far an wide for festivals and can not always pack all of their favorite festival fashions for the trip. This ONE piece is a great example of my design philosophy because it would allow someone to pack light and bring this one epic piece of festival jewelry with them and have a different healing energy style to their look every night on the dance floor. "