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Shot in :: The Ballona Wetlands, Playa del Rey, California   ||   Shot by :: Jenae Lien ( @jenaelien)


Let the rhythm just carry you away in this brand new collection of festival inspired fashions. Dance from morning until {future} dawn <3

Thank You...

to everyone of you who helped me manifest this festival collection beyond my wildest disco dreams


Handmade Healing Jewelry Designs && Festival Fashions :: @futuredawndesigns

Fashion Photographer // Videographer :: @jenaelien

Stylist :: @futuredawndesigns (@3milydawn)

Models :: @jordonchu @jordan_corey @forevaeva @irinacara @yo_yo_yonai @becksturr @amadorcollective @bb.paz

Assistant Photographer // Videographer :: @n.rdy

Song :: @thepolishambassador // featuring @nittyscottmc

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Shot in :: Santa Barbara, California   ||   Shot by :: Corina Alulquoy Brown ( @wildandfree.corina) // (@wildandfreejewelry)

Metamorphosis :: A visual and energetic representation of this transitional time  in my life. I have recently moved into my van "Lucy In The Sky," and am traveling around the United States, designing jewelry as I go.


This wasn't a choice in the sense that one day I just woke up and decided to pursue #vanlife for the hell of it. No . . . There was no choice here. This was something I was called to do. Something deep inside of me knew that this would be my key. This would be the way to unveil the mysteries of life and the universe and myself that I've been dying to dig up for quite some time now. 


In nature, if a caterpillar does not go through metamorphosis, it dies. 

And so you see, I had no choice. I too had to transform without a doubt. 


I hope you enjoy my latest collection of handmade one of a kind and limited edition pieces, designed from my cocoon van Lucy. 


Peace & Blessings, 

Emily Dawn ( Designer x Owner :: Future Dawn Designs )

Shot in :: Mill Valley, California   ||   Shot by :: Emily Dawn ( Designer x Owner :: Future Dawn Designs )

Spell Caster

Look off into the distance.. what do you see? I see an ancient wisdom. A teaching that is feminism at it's core. Bring that native wisdom that is inherent in all past present and future witches and cast your spells far and wide into the universe. What tales lay untold? Unfold all mysteries of this realm with the latest Future Dawn Designs collection; Spell Caster. 

Jewelry Designs :: @futuredawndesigns

Fashion Photographer :: Emily Dawn ( Designer x Owner :: Future Dawn Designs )

Spell Caster Models :: @annelisejo // Emily Dawn

Shot in :: Venice Beach, California   ||   Filmed & Edited by :: Dylan Perlot ( @dylanperlot )   ||   Shot by :: Jenae Lien ( @jenaelin )

Shore Reflections

Created in its entirety based upon inspiration from my favorite natural setting... the shore. Whether you're on the shore of an ocean, sea, lake, river or pond, you will see the natural beauty these pieces embody. A collection of pieces many of which include hand wire wrapped crystals of all sorts, this line is all about self reflection and taking it in. One breath at a time.

Future Dawn Designs sincerely thanks all of the participants and collaborators involved with the brand.

Without the following beautiful souls, this campaign for   S H O R E   R E F L E C T I O N S   would simply not have manifested.

Shout out to the following artists who contributed many hours between the new moon and the blue moon to make this happen.

Your talents are astonishing and Future Dawn is blessed to work with all of you.

Thank You.


Jewelry Designs :: @futuredawndesigns

Fashion Photographer :: @jenaelien

Shore Reflections Videographer :: @dylanperlot

Shore Reflections Models :: @ninadfarag // @jordan_corey // @jordonchu

Shorts used in Shore Reflections campaign :: @denimbyorlee

Bikini top used in Shore Reflections campaign :: @swimlikeamermaid

Music used in Shore Reflections campaign :: Major Lazer - Get Free ft. Amber of the Dirty Projectors

Travel Series available at :: @futuredawndesigns (.com) // @cleanaesthetic

Shore Reflections available at :: @futuredawndesigns (.com) // @cleanaesthetic

Shot in :: Playa del Rey, California   ||   Shot by :: Jenae Lien ( @jenaelien )

The Travel Series

A jewelry line inspired in it's entirety by the love of traveling. Many of the pieces in The Travel Series include foreign coins from my collection. They were inspired by my own personal trips, but they were designed for yours! The Travel Series features many items with versatile looks meant to be enjoyed and worn by men and women alike. From the sound of crashing waves, to the joy of a long road trip, this line was created as a reminder to be free.

Jewelry Designs :: @futuredawndesigns

Fashion Photographer :: @jenaelien

The Travel Series Model :: @forevaevaa